California Trip in March

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Lili and I went to visit Auntie Michelle, Uncle Cyrus, and cousin Leili... we had a great time!!!

Lili LOVED the airplane!!!

Lili took this picture on the plane.

How cute is cousin Leili?!?!

Who doesn't love a little static cling?

More cling... they didn't even know, Uncle Cyrus and I were laughing!

Leili and Lili playing with Meekie - before she ran away!

Auntie Michelle read the girls a sweet story... "fast as her legs could carry her!"

The ladies loved all the birds... I kept my distance!

Lili and mom after the birds had flown away.

Uncle Cyrus did a good job of keeping the ladies busy --- for 5 minutes!

Yippies!!! Time for the carousel!!!

Yay for riding ponies! Looks like the mommies are having fun, but what about the riders?

Lils is checking out the seals at Pier 39.

We love to go visit the seals at Pier 39. There weren't many out there this time.

Leili and Lili were trying to see the ferry boat.

Isn't Leili a super duper cutie?!?!

Lili and Mommy enjoying the beautiful view of the Bay.

I love this picture of us four ladies!!! (Great job, Uncle Cyrus!)

Leili with Mommy (Auntie Michelle)... so sweet!

Sweet sister moment! It was great spending time together!

The ladies were very excited to take a ride on the Ferry. This is a picture of us leaving the pier.

These pictures are soooo cute! They did great on the Ferry... very well behaved!!!

Sooooo cute!!!

Lilis and Mommy with the Richmond San Rafeal Bridge ( I think) behind us.

Lils was eating - and chewing!- her newly found favorite... Oreo crisp cookies! Thanks for the peer pressure, Leili!!!

Lili was more interested in the waves and birds behind the ferry than taking a picture with Leili and I.

Our paparazzi photo... Headline in Us Weekly "Two sisters, their beautiful babies --- why would they ride the Ferry?"