December 2006

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Lili had lots of Christmas celebrations! One at Ga & Papa's, at home, her dad's, and Aunt Helen's!


Cousin Leili was home for a visit!

Ga with Lili, Easton, and Kaylee - playing with Papa's train.

Kaylee, Ga and Lili

Cousin Walker

Auntie Ade with the newest member of the Rowe family... Henry Johnson (congrats, Penny & Zac)

Auntie Michelle looks pretty good that way!!!

Mommy with Uncle Jeff

The Berger Family --- gift opening time

Uncle Jeff and his youngest, Easton

Princess Lili

Papa and Auntie Michelle

Awwww... aren't they precious?

Ga and Leili smilin' pretty, but Lils is entranced by the train.

Yay... we found the perfect tree!

Who knew Uncle Cyrus is a lumberjack?!?!?

Alright! Let's go have some hot chocolate with our new tree!

Lils and Ga decorating the tree

Makin' christmas cookies and of course, Lils LOVED the frosting!

Auntie Linda got Lils a Little Mermaid house

Santa brought Lili a huge Little Mermaid kitchen

The SpongeBob SquarePants tent at Ga and Papa's

Lili and Conner celebrating at Aunt Helen's house

Papa and Jules

Lili LOVES doggies! Isn't Ernie sweet?

Silly Ga and Jules

Michaela and Lili hanging at the piano

Sarah playing Santa... presents anyone?

Grandpa Newland came to visit us, too!